Packaging Research Laboratory (technology overview)NP-PAK


NP-PAK variations

The NP-PAK Series is centered on the gable-roof style of container that is the standard for Carton packs. Its applications have expanded beyond milk to include milk beverages, juice, soft drinks, tea beverages, and more, with Nippon Paper offering a wide range of sizes from 100 ml to 1000 ml. As contents have become increasingly diverse in recent years, we now supply light barrier and other barrier packaging made from new materials to protect contents, and are meeting expanding needs through improvements in spouts and openning fanction.

New product overview: NP-PAK+R

This Carton maintains the ease of use of the familiar gable-roof-style NP-PAK Carton pack, adding a curve to the roof portion for an enhanced eye-catching appeal. In addition, by changing from the traditional 1000 ml to the new 920 ml container size, the pack is suited to premium beverages and achieves differentiation from existing products.
As its height and cross section of NP-PAK+R are the same as those of conventional gable-roof Cartons, it is compatible with modifications to existing filling machines and with existing distribution, enabling easy adoption.

Overview of new-model filling machine: UPN-SEC140

In response to customers' needs and usage environments, we have designed filling machines able to fill between 3,000 to 16,000 packs per hour, in sizes ranging from mini (200, 250, and 300 ml) to regular (250, 500, and 1000 ml).

The UPN-SEC140 model introduced here is a leading-edge high-performance ESL* filling machine with a full-chamber structure that enhances sanitation while allowing automated whole washing of the chamber interior. It is able to perform fully-automated washing to avoid human factor.

  • *ESL: Extended Shelf Life.

New-model filling machine development concept

UPN-SEC140 (maximum 14,000 packs/hour)
  • *Capacity may vary with content
  • Improvement of inner CIP and external washing
  • Achieving stable washability without being influenced human factor, through washing automation
  • Improvement of carton sterilization performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Energy conservation and reduction of running cost
  • Adoption of simple structure with high washability

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