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Inkjet paper that sets the pace for all others

Printing with an inkjet printer

Color inkjet (IJ) printer technology has achieved remarkable development in recent years, with applications continuing to expand along with the increasing printing speeds. IJ paper calls for quality characteristics that include high chromogenicity, quick ink absorption, good color reproduction, and good water resistance. We have enhanced water resistance by applying specialty chemicals to paper surfaces, and have achieved high-quality images by controlling the speed of ink absorption. We also manufacture coated-type IJ paper made with porous pigments to meet demands for higher quality, and now supply several kinds of IJ papers matched to specific purposes and quality requirements. We produce on-demand IJ paper suited to full-color commercial equipment, as well as matte IJ postcards, the most popular type of cards used for New Year's greetings in Japan. At the Research Laboratory, we fuse our expertise in general printing paper with our expertise in IJ technology to pursue development of new products matched to customer needs.

Thermal recording paper using industry-first technology

Thermal paper is paper coated with coloring materials (Figure) that is able to record information without requiring ink ribbons, toner, ink cartridges, or the like, enabling smaller printers and easy maintenance. The paper is mainly used in applications including food product labels, distribution labels, handy terminal paper, and ATM and other receipts.
As the pioneer in thermal paper, Nippon Paper works toward technological innovations. Our NPi Thermal is a highly respected brand in the global thermal paper market. In recent years, thermal paper has been used for electric and gas meter reading applications, which call for quality characteristics including printability, preservability, anti-sticking*1, suitability for seal stamping, and abrasion resistance*2. Ours is the industry's first thermal paper product that meets these quality demands, and is used for meter reading slips by many electric and gas utilities as well as local government water departments.

  1. *1Feed failure caused by adhesion between the thermal print head and the paper
  2. *2To prevent discoloration caused by abrasion of the paper surface