Business DescriptionPaper

The Paper Business

We are the domestic industry leader in manufacturing, production volumes and quality for various products including standard paper, cardboard, and household paper.As we continue to restructure our domestic production system, we are also growing our market share overseas, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Make your Mark on Paper and Communicate.

Paper conveys a wide variety of information.
We offer a stable supply of a product that pursues the communication aspect of paper.

Rely on High Quality for Your Home.

Consider the casual action you take whenever you wipe something with a paper product at home.
Quality and safety are paramount when the product directly touches your skin; we offer products that improve the comfort you experience at home.

Advances in Consumer Packaging

We develop products that meet the needs of the changing times, from those you experience at home, where packaging should offer the best in quality and hygiene, to the leading edge in industry, where materials like cardboard increase distribution efficiency.

Expanding Paper's Possibilities and Increasing its Value.

We use proven Japanese paper manufacturing technologies to expand paper's possibilities, developing grease-resistant papers that can be used for foodstuffs and paper products that can function as filters and more, as we aim to support the growing movement to convert to paper products from existing items in a broad variety of fields.