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About the Agribusiness head office

At Nippon Paper Company, we pursue every potential in wood, and have expanded into many different businesses that use wood in an integrated way. As one of these, the agribusiness capitalizes on plant biotechnology we have cultivated over years of afforestation research to contribute to biodiversity and public health by growing and selling seedlings. Natural plants absorb sunlight and make sugar from carbon dioxide and water (photosynthesis), and use this sugar as their energy source to live. Using our own "techniques for cutting in containers" to maximize photosynthesis in plants, we have succeeded in growing seedlings of plants that have been difficult to grow in containers. Beginning from eucalyptus, which is a source of paper, we have been able to apply this technology to over 100 types of plants including horticultural plants, fruit trees, teas, and cherry trees. Utilizing this technology, we grow and sell seedlings from over 40 types of specialized gardens for tea mother trees including Yabukita, Sayamakaori, and Saeakari teas. We are also proposing the creation of new tea farms with the development of "cell seedlings" that have superior work characteristics and better rooting that improves the survival rate. We also offer a new type of tea known as "Sun Rouge" that contains anthocyanins, which can be used as a functional food material.