Business DescriptionForest products and building materials

The logs and lumber business derived from the procurement of logs and lumber as raw material for paper is expanding as well as the building materials business as a value-added process of logs and lumber.

Logs and lumber business

Focused on the Nippon Paper Lumber Co., Ltd., we are building a global network to provide logs and lumber for a variety of situation with an emphasis on quality and low cost. Employees are temporarily stationed in or take business trips to local areas to perform rigorous inspections during importation with the objective of providing high quality logs and lumber to meet customer's needs.

Building materials business

Pal Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells building materials with consideration for the environment and health including doors, closets, stairs, flooring, and so on. From utilizing domestic lumber to achieve an industry-first in creating flush doors from 100% domestic lumber, we supply highly reliable and eco-friendly products for the housing market. In an effort to provide materials with a high level of durability and functionality that customers can use with confidence, Daishowa Uniboard Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells mainly "Uniboard" ® (JIS A 5908), a decorative laminate with particleboard as the core material. This material utilizes feature of fiberboard, and also combines the strength of industrial materials with advantages of lumber materials and process suitability. In addition, we take every effort to be considerate of the environment such as the effective use of scrap wood/waste material from plywood and other lumber as well as low-quality wood chips, and the recycling of demolition waste material from houses, etc.