Business DescriptionCellulose nanofiber

Including dissolving pulp, our group has effectively and efficiently utilized word components such as cellulose and lignin to create many industrial materials through the use of chemical products and functional materials. In order to further open up new possibilities of wood resources, we continue to expand the range of applications of chemical modification technology and nano-technology from pulping technology as well as promote the material development of the bio-chemical field including bio-ethanol, nano-fiber, and bio-plastic. Among these, we have been primarily focusing on practical applications of cellulose nanofibers (CNF). CNF is made from wood-derived fiber (pulp) that has been defibrated to the nano level of several hundredths of a micron and smaller, cellulose nanofiber is the world's most advanced biomass material. As the material is derived from plant fibers, it creates low environmental impact in its production and disposal. Among its outstanding characteristics, it is lightweight, has an elastic modulus as high as that of high-strength aramid fiber, exhibits thermal expansion on par with glass, and presents high barrier properties with regard to oxygen and other gases.