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Promotion System for our Energy Business

Nippon Paper launched the Energy Business Promotion Office (currently the Energy Business Division) in December of 2011 to help position us for what we expected would be a future area for continued business growth. Although there was much discussion over the possibilities for expanding the business, a decision was made in June of 2013 to greatly expand the staff, and to newly christen operations as the Energy Business Division.
Given the changes in situations involving the energy business lately, there has been a rise in the number of projects related to energy.With the new Energy Business Division, we have been able to establish a more flexible system. This has enabled us to strengthen our involvement in further expanding our energy business as we quickly and assuredly go after new business opportunities.

Expanding our Energy Business

Othe years, the Nippon Paper Group has sold any surplus power to the power companies. Subsequent to the Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, we established external generators for use outside most of our plants as supplemental power generating facilities, but as the power generating situation within Japan changed and the Renewable Energy Fixed Price Purchasing System went into effect in July of 2012, the opportunities for the energy business greatly expanded. We came to see energy as having the potential to become one of Nippon Paper Group's pillar businesses.
We're aiming for mid-term sales of 50 billion yen or more, using existing power supply facilities, expanding our wood-based biomass power facilities, and moving forward with the introduction of solar power generation and the development of new energy sources.